Private Lessons - starting at $30. an hour (depending on travel time and distance)

I have been a faculty member at The Greater Hartford Academy Of The Arts for the past 13 years.  In that time I have been teaching songwriting in the Creative Writing department and have developed a very effective program that helps students get to the heart of what it is they have to say lyrically.  The focus of the work is on the basic skills of content and clarity.  Song form, meter, rhyme and melody are also main components of this program.  If the student plays an instrument (which is highly advised) chord structure is also addressed.

It is very common for my guitar students to gravitate into songwriting as soon as they can play basic chords.  One skill set enhances the other and the experience deepens all around.


Workshops/Group Lessons - starting at $75.00 an hour

                               (all fees depend on travel time, distance and number of students)

Ongoing Group Lessons: Each group is different.  Some are very lyric focused.  Others prefer to spend time on learning how to build melody and chord structures.  Some students prefer to work alone while others gravitate towards a collaborative experience.  My teaching style is to discover the groups main interest and then assess where students are with their work and move them forward from that point.

With this in mind, a starting point is established and each lesson builds on itself to move students through the main steps of writing a first draft, working on a revision, developing a melody and chord structure, and if time allows, performance of the work.



Single Workshops run for a minimum of one hour and are highly interactive.  In contrast to ongoing lessons, students move through an overview of songwriting basics and are given short assignments to try their hand at some basic lyric writing techniques.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or special needs for your program.