Into The Fray

                     (Moving from lower to higher realms of conscious awareness made visible)

The repetition of thoughts unchecked - a sure path to tight boxed in places made of certainty

Only the student moves into the gray area to face the static - notice the loose ends within the buttoned down facts

The truth - always reserved for the master holding stillness deep within the fray

                                                              Finished Size: 35 1/2 x 30 x 1 1/4

                                                                        Detail Section


At the start, I do not know where this piece is going.  I begin cutting and laying out bits of this and that.  As you can see this first attempt did not entirely make it to the finish. The ball is simply rolling at this point.

A departure from all the previous work, this one large canvas (a sheet of wood covered with gauze) is taken on as a single composition.  I want to experiment with bringing textiles and metal together.  Once I stitch flecks of color into a gauze fabric the idea of static comes forward.  Now I know where I am going.  As is often the case, the piece is way out ahead of me.