PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS  -   $20.00 per 1/2 hour

                                                 $25.00 per 45 minutes

                                                 $30.00 per hour 

                                                                             (fees depend on travel time and distance)

It is suggested that you try one lesson first to see if the student/teacher relationship is a good fit for you.  Then, if you'd like to proceed, lessons are booked and prepaid in 4 lesson packages.  Those 4 lessons can be spaced any way you'd like.  Daily, weekly, biweekly.  Typically a beginner needs lessons spaced closer together.  As a student advances, lessons get spaced out a little longer over time.



GROUP GUITAR LESSONS -  starting at $60.00 an hour  

                                                    (fees depend on travel time, distance and number of students)

If you are a school, organization or senior program looking to implement a music arts opportunity this is the perfect program for you.  Lessons are designed to empower beginners with basic chord knowledge and advance them to playing songs in a reasonably short amount of time. Reading music and the study of music theory is not included in this program.  This is an opportunity to get students highly motivated by getting them to end results as quickly as possible.  Each lesson builds on itself to best assist the students with memorization and retention of knowledge as well as skill building.  Time length of program and number of classes can be custom fit for your needs.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or special needs you might like to address for your program.  Just click on contact in the main menu bar.